How to Build – Manual Mainboard no.1

Marcin Saj

Marble Machine Kit

Kit components

  • Wooden parts
  • 12 x steel balls – 10mm diameter
  • 2 x M3 screws – 10mm length
  • M3 screw – 30mm length
  • 6 x nuts and 4 x spacers
  • Rubber band
  • Sandpaper

What you need to prepare

  • Knife or scalpel
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood glue
Before you start assembly you should watch video below. 

Now, all you need is accuracy and patience. Let’s start.

1. Prepare Wooden parts

2. Cutting

Carefully cut the small retaining tabs holding the parts in the panels and use sandpaper to smooth out edges.

3. Base

The base consists of three pieces: bottom, middle and smallest top. Glue all the layers together, shown on the images. Note the engraved line on the middle layer defines the area for the gluing top layer.

Wait until the glue dries.

4. Support legs

Optional. Glue legs on the underside of the base.

5. Pillars

Glue the two small pillars exactly in the engraved circles. If you have any of the shields put one of them on the pillars and make sure that everything matches.

Gluing accuracy is very important.

6. Gear wheel

Place the four small bits through the all three parts of the wheel. Use sandpaper to fit bits into the holes. Glue all together. You could use 30mm screw as an axle to align all parts of the wheel.

All parts must be centered very accurately.

7. Frame gear

Prepare two 10 mm screws, nuts and spacers. Tighten the screws as shown on the pictures. The screws will serve as the axis of the gear wheel. Place the frames in to the gear wheel. Remember about the spacers. The front frame should be on the left side of the gear. Use pliers to firmly tighten the nuts.

The screws should be tightened very firmly.

8. Gear installation

Place the frame with the gear into the slots on the base panel. Make sure that the frame forms a right angle (90 degrees) with the base.

Gluing accuracy is very important.

9. Strut

Glue the strut and use rubber band until the glue dries.

10. Small gear

Place two small gears on the long 30mm screw then glue them together. Move the gear so that the screw has a length of 6mm (on the one side). Tighten the nuts on both sides of the gear. Remember about the spacers.

The nuts should be tightened very firmly.

11. Small gear installation

Place the spacers and small frames on the screw axle and glue all into the base slots. Glue the crank, then place it between the two nuts and tighten firmly.

12. Manual Mainboard no.1

Congratulations. Mainboard is ready to go.

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