How to Build – Shield no.2

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Marcin Saj

How to Build Shield no.2 - Marble Machine Kit

Kit components

  • Wooden parts
  • 2 x 10mm screws and spacers
  • Sandpaper

What you need to prepare

  • Knife or scalpel
  • Wood glue
  • Screwdriver
Before you start assembly you should watch video below. 

Now, all you need is accuracy and patience. Let’s start.

1. Prepare wooden parts

2. Blueprints

All important elements are numbered. On the pillars and platforms there are two numbers (blue and white), these numbers determine: which parts should be glued to the proper pillars, platforms and slots.

Follow the instructions
Download Blueprints

3. Cutting

Carefully cut the small retaining tabs holding the parts in the panels and use sandpaper to smooth out edges.

4. Ball Platform

Glue the ball track elements to the platform (engraved marking).

Wait until glue dries.

5. Small Pillars & Platforms

Glue small pillars in the proper slots (blueprints) then glue platforms with edges.

6. Pillars & Ball Platform

Glue pillars in the proper slots (blueprints) then mount ball platform. If you have any of the mainboards, put the shield on the mainboard and make sure that everything matches with ball feeder.

Wait until glue dries.

7. Ball Track Coupler

It is recommended to mount this last element – ball track coupler – with the shield placed on the mainboard to make sure that everything matches with ball feeder.

Accuracy is very important. Wait until glue dries.

8. Ball Separators

Use 10mm screws with spacers and install the ball separators.

9. Shield no.2

Congratulations. Shield no.2 is ready to go.

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