How to Build – Electric Marble Machine no.0

Marcin Saj

Marble Machine Kit

Kit components

  • Wooden parts
  • Electric mini motor
  • Toggle switch
  • Battery socket
  • 7 x steel balls – 10mm diameter
  • 2 x M1.6 screws – 5mm length
  • 1 x M3 screw – 10mm length
  • 1 x M3 screw – 18mm length
  • 4 x M3 screws – 16mm length
  • 1 x nut
  • 4 x cap nuts
  • 1 x bolt – 6mm length
  • Sandpaper

What you need to prepare

  • Knife or scalpel
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood glue
  • Battery 1.5V

All you need is accuracy and patience. Let’s start.

1. Prepare kit components

2. Cutting

Carefully cut the small retaining tabs holding the parts in the panels and use sandpaper to smooth out edges.

3. Ball track

Carefully cut out the ball track and all couplers.

The order of assembly is important!

Place the cut out “trash” parts between the ball track and use it as the strut. Then glue all the couplers in the proper slots. Engraved dotes and squares on the strut and holes in the couplers, defines, which coupler where should be glued.

Note the engraved markings!

Wait until the glue dries.

4. Ball feeder

Note that the engraved dots defines, the order of gluing the parts.

Note the engraved markings. Wait until the glue dries.

5.  Ball track pillars

Glue pillars in the proper slots.

6. Switch base

Glue the four small parts and create “cube” base for the switch.

7. Battery socket fence

8. Motor frame

Place the frames into the slots on the base panel. Make sure that the frame forms a right angle (90 degrees) with the base.

Gluing accuracy is very important.

9. Ball separator

Note that the engraved dots defines, the order of gluing the parts.

Note the engraved markings.

Lock the separator as tightly as possible but remember that the separator must move freely.

Accuracy is very important.

Check the move then glue it.
Marble Machine Kit

10. Auxiliary fences

Glue the fences in the right direction, shown on the images.

11. Wheel gear

Place two wheel gears shown on the images on the motor axle and glue them together. Wait until the glue dries, remove the gears from the axle and glue to them on the other side, the gear with smallest hole. Use 18mm screw and mount the last gear (use pliers to firmly tighten the nut).

Wait until the glue dries.

12. Switch installation

Screw the switch to the cover, pull the wires through the hole in the base and glue the cover with switch to the “cube” base.

13. Battery socket installation

Pull the wires through the hole in the base and screw the socket to the base (use 6mm bolt).

14. Motor installation

Pull the wires through the hole in the base and screw the motor to the frame (use 5mm screw M1.6).

15. Connecting the wires

Connect battery socket wires with the switch and motor. Other motor wire should be connected directly to the switch.

16. Base

The base consists of four pieces: top, bottom and two middle. Use 16mm screws and cup nuts and screw all together.

17. Frame lifter

Note that each pillar has proper slot on the base. There is only one direction to install the frame lifter. First choose one pillar, glue the strut and install the ball feeder. Then mount second pillar and glue the frame lifter into the base slots.

Wait until the glue dries.

18. Gear coupler

Place the coupler on the gear screw and screw the cap nut. Then screw the coupler with the ball feeder (use 10mm screw).

19. Ball track installation

Mount the ball track on the pillars. Carefully bend the ball track and mount end of the ball track into the slots in the ball separator frame. Last thing is gluing edges at the beginning of the ball track

Accuracy is very important.

20. Electric Marble Machine no.0

Insert the 1.5V battery into the socket and turn on the switch.

Congratulations. Marble Machine is ready to go.

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